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March 28 jam was cancelled due to a performance in the space- We're back on for APRIL 4 and REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE APRIL 17-18 24 HOUR JAM IN OBERLIN!!!

A young man named Nick joined us (Daman and me)from Oberlin College- We started with a skin-wakening, two on one, pressing/touching warm-up in the big space-(the space I have touted as "one of the most beautiful studios in the known universe"-and it is, though I've been misquoted on Jim Davis' homepage and accused of claiming Mather Dance to THE MOST BEAUTIFUL studio in the universe, which caused a bit of a friendly argument between Ann Cooper Albright and me recently)then we moved upstairs to the smaller but still lovely space and did 3 duets w/1 witness and I remember noticing how Daman and I like to embellish our duets with gesture and playful commentary and i remember how great it was to move with someone new and to watch Daman move with Nick...a good time was had by all.

SUNDAY, October 25

Karol, Daman and I decide to move our 3:30 jam time up to 3:00, because a couple possible attendees requested we do so. Daman's laying on the floor warming up, and Karol and I start dancing, slowly moving through, over, around the infinite amount of surfaces of eachothers' bodies, pressing, yielding, supporting. I notice a difference in how he's moving-more connection to earth, to me, to contact points. Daman leaves for a moment and comes back with his camera and begins shooting awhile, then settles back on the floor to watch. I say "i think our structure today should be 3 duets, so each of us has a turn to watch." D and K agree. When Karol and I are finished dancing, Daman and i dance next, I'm warmed up and our duet has a lot of energy and playfulness and Karol is verbally appreciative as we dance. This feels good. Then I watch as Karol and Daman move rather awkwardly and low to the ground, struggling a bit. And I appreciate the privilage of witnessing. We talk a little when we're done about the unique-ness of every single duet you ever do...I am honored to participate in this form.

Sunday, Sept. 28-a dance with Daman

only the two of us showed up we talked, catching up we decide to dance for half an hour, then go for coffee to get really caught up- we start dancing-connecting our shoulders leaning in-leaning in-leaning in into eachother, into ourselves... we toss eachother playfully, pause, suspend and surge, we wind up head to head at some point-i remember thinking "oh head to head-how often i've been here" then suddenly the familiar becomes mysterious and we move off together into the unknown gathering information together about eachother- communicating, listening, hearing, speaking with our movement... we settle to the floor back to back as our half-hour ends, and we no longer need coffee-or to get caught up...

Sunday, Sept. 13-Contact Jam at Case Western Reserve University-
a beautiful day so we danced outside- Lily and I the only 2 who showed- the sky was the brightest blue especially against the red brick buliding we were next to- we just started to move-without a structure of any kind we were each moving alone, as her own body wished most to move. we bounced energy and ideas off eachother and felt completely connected even though we barely touched. an hour went by and we stopped, looked at eachother, smiled. we marveled and wondered at how passers-by refused to look at people dancing, moving, being still- i marveled at the fact that she is still in high school...

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